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Was Everything Alright Part II

Just a review. This is about negative feedback.

If you get nagative feedback, be perpared to do somethng about it! If its your employees, be sure they know they have the power to correct the situation.

Now let go back to the beginning.

The best situation is to do it right the 1st time. You don't want that negative experience and the effort that goes with correcting a negative that could have been a positive with a little more effort.

Sometimes, a customer is left with a negative outlook because of lack of communication..."no on could fix this". Lack of communication can be a service company's biggist problem. Traing that includes role playing can prepare you and your staff to communicate with your clients, Focus on what information to share and on how to share that information. This really boils down to developing a relationship with your customers.

SOME SITUATIONS CAN'T BE EXPLAINED AWAY... Maybe, it really could have been done better or, it could be. the customer wants a "physical" response...  and attempt to fix it, even if you know, "it can't be fixed." So ...... if a negative situation arised, make it your lifes work to turn it around. Sometimes you will be responding to things that aren't your fault. What your response will be is a company decision. Any technicians should know how you want a situation to be handled. That calls for you, the owner to communicate with your crew.

Interesting thing we found is, sometimes, pursuing the questioning too hard could create situations. The customer would be persuaded that"something must be wrong". It can take a delicate balance to ask the right questions while not "creating problelms".

At my company, we knew we were sometimes responding to things that weren't our fault, but we responded anyway. (unless it was outrageous... again... a company decision) It happened infrquently. Our reputation was the most important thing we had. We jumped through hoops to protect it.

Feedback is something we all need, but merely asking, "How Was Everything?" doesn't make you a god company.

Part of being a good service company means;

1.   Try to eliminate any reasons to get called back.

2.   If you ask... be ready for the answer!

3.   Respond..... with something well thought out.

This Article writen by Dennis Klager and I thought it was worth a look. This is one of the hardest things to not react negatively too, it takes work. If you have feed back give it and be patient while we formulate a plan for you and we repair our egos. :)

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