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LarkinDeep Cleaning: Hot water extraction method (also known as “steam cleaning”)

  • Walk thru with client to establish concerns and identified potential stains.
  • Spot cleaning as required
  • Detergent solution is sprayed on the carpet (pretreatment)
  • Followed by a clear- water rinse
  • Topical treatments applied (as per clients request)

This method of cleaning is required every 12-24 months depending on quality of maintenance and traffic your carpet endures. (Check your warranty information provide by your carpet retailer)

Low Moisture Encapsulation: (light Surface cleaning)

  • Apply Encapuclean with Maxim (Bonnet/ Brush encapsulating cleaner).
  • Agitate with pile lifter.
  • Allow for drying and your maintenance service performs post vacuuming.

 Other light surface cleaning methods available but not provide by our company:

  • Dry compound Cleaning: uses semi-moist powders that are worked into the carpet and extracted with a strong vacuum system.
  • Foam cleaning: The detergent is turned in to foam, brushed into the carpet, and then extracted with a strong vacuum system. (Manufactures recommend avoiding aerosol foam carpet cleansers such as those available in the grocery stores.)
  • Bonnet cleaning: uses a carbonate solution extracted with a strong vacuum system.

These three methods are adequate for light surface soil; however once the carpet has become appreciably soiled and has been in use for an extended period of time, deep cleaning is required. Keep in mind that dry-compound, bonnet and foam methods leave traces of the cleaning agent. In addition, it is recommended that you switch to the hot water or steam extraction method after- if not in lieu of – a few light surface cleanings.

The above information was provided to make you, our client, aware of other types of cleaning methods available on the market. We hope that this basic information about cleaning will make you a wiser consumer and ensure that you get value for your dollar.