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"This carpet Looks Like it Need Cleaning"

"This carpet looks like it needs cleaning" Yes that is what one of my commercial accounts told me a few days ago. I spend to much time on education, if you ask my son, so when I heard this I was at ah. So this rant is for the world to know not just a client.

             When we look at a carpet and think it looks dirty it is holding from 1-4 pounds of soil per sqaure foot. That is a soda bottle full of soil every square foot.   Long pause .........   Think about that for a monemt. .....  Just in case you did not pick up on the term soil, it is PC for dirt. Don't wait for your carpets to look dirty, its like walking on them with sandpaper shoes.  They wear out faster and they don't look as bright. If you want to save the cost of replacing carpet maintain them on a regular basis not "when they look like they need it" 

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