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Was Everything All Right? Part I

By Dennis Klager:

After eating dinner at a local restaurant, My wife and I walked to the front counter to pay."How was everything?" the girl asked with a smile. "Not very good" I replied. It had taken a long time to get our food and it arrived cold. The girl's smile disappeared and she took on a blank look. I got the feeling she was offended. Her answer to this situation was to, basically, ignor what I said and give a feeble, "Thank-you", as we left.

I said to my wife after we walked out,"So they ask everybody,"How was everything." and they're expecting everyone to say something like.... it was good. They aren't prepared to do anything if they hear anything else."

At other times, the "how was everything?" question comes as the server is passing by on the way to another table. She or he is gone before you have the chance to swallow the bite in your mouth and reply.


Do ask for feedback, but pay attention to the customer. You should really want to hear their reply. Seeing your company through your client's eyes is critical to your continued success.


If you ask for feed back, be perpared to, sometimes, hear something you don't like!


If you get negative feedback, be prepared to do something about it! If it is your employees, be sure they know they have the power to correct the situation.

Now ......... let's go back to the beginning.  TO BE CONTINUED...............

I will continue on a later post but let me comment before I do. When I recieve negative feedback it is hard to take. We all like to thimk our performance always measures up. So be patient when you have a comment for improvement, we will need to reset our minds to taking care of your problem. Secondly; I like to think I have clients. A client is someone that will return and I have a working relationship with. A customer walks in makes a purchase and I may or maynot see them again.

Was Everything Alright Part II
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