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What is the Best Way to Clean Commercial Carpets?

Many business owners struggle when it comes to the best way to clean their commercial carpets.  Should they hire a cleaning company, attempt the job on their own or use their in house cleaners.  It turns out that none of the above is the universal answer for taking care of dirty carpets.  It's always best to use the right professional for the job.


There are several things to consider before contracting with a commercial carpet cleaning services. While we certainly could discuss all the factors which should be taken into consideration, we will be discussing the more important ones further below.

The manufactures preference for carpet cleaning comes in the form of Hot water extraction cleaning system. They are commonly called steam carpet cleaners. These cleaners can be rented for rather cheap and allow for carpet cleaning.  Most will not produce high temperature rinse water. While renting a cleaning machine may initially seem far more economical, you have to remember that you’ll be required to purchase some additional products (chemicals, pretreatments, etc.). The cost of all these additional items can add up quite quickly, which is why you should think very carefully before settling on this carpet cleaning route.

Now that you or your house cleaning staff is armed with a do it yourself cleaner do you know if you purchased the right chemical? Can you measure the Ph of your carpet so that you know what pretreatment to select? What is your carpets construction? Do you have natural fibers? Will you know what kind of post treatment you will use to give you the most value for your efforts?  Will you leave soap residue when you clean? If you do how will you control the resoling? I could go on, but as you can tell there are a lot of considerations.

So what does it all come down to? Do I want cheap or do I want quality? Quality professional cleaning will give you more than just a deep cleaning of your carpet. They should assist you by providing a comprehensive cleaning strategy. That will extend the life of you carpet eliminating the pre-mature replacement of you carpeting. 

Carpet is a proven performer and is less expensive when you consider the cost of maintenance. The Carpet and Rug Institute has done total use-life cost study that have light to medium traffic area carpets compared to Vinyl composite tile (VCT) for 22 years the cost of installation and maintenance for carpet is $17.06 sqft compared to VCT $24.70 sqft.

If you have a commercial or religions facility with carpeting, contact AAA Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners and we wil be glad to assist you in your scheduled professional cleaning. 

Due you have a commercial facility?
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